Things are now moving ahead with our planned move from early July, 2018.   We are in final contract negotiations for our new facility we will be BIGGER AND BETTER.   The proposed facility is still in the local area and we are excited with the potential we have to grow.

We will be able to increase our number of boxes, now will have 2 treadmills available and better tie ups and wash bay.  Obviously there is a lot of work to be done between now and the end of our lease but we are currently planning to start moving horses from the start of July.

The team would like to thank all our clients and friends who have offered their support to us during this time.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity of people and have been deeply moved by how many people have offered their help.  Naturally we want to pay everyone back in the best way possible by winning races and having a happy and safe environment for your horses.

As soon as negotiations are complete we will be able to let everyone know the new location and those local to the area will be able to view the progress as the new stables take shape.