It’s a surreal scenario when you have an asset whose value can be made or shattered in just over 90 seconds. Wednesday afternoon presented the team with just that as the much touted Merchant of Venice returned to the races.Part owned by Jason the offers had been thick and fast after his debut win and the trainer should have been committed for the amounts he rejected. Facts are he thinks a horse like this chap can revitalise a stable , the rest of us chickens would have revitalised our bank accounts. 

The horse is a stunning chip off the old block , a pretty decent mirror image of his father So You Think. Playboy looks with a laconic laid back approach to life. For a two start bull his race manners are impeccable , still a stack to learn and we believe he will be the finished article come the Autumn. The win Wednesday under Ben Melham was impressive for its manner against a strong on pace bias.He was green late , Ben felt he had gears left and just wanted to keep the education positive . 

Where to next will I guess be decided by where the offers stop. We hope to have a deal secured that enables him to race through with us and to fulfil what we believe will be a very smart future. Stable continues to produce consistent results , no frills just getting the very best from the charges at our disposal. The babies are starting to line themselves up and early signs are that we have a couple of young Merchants amongst them. One thing is for sure , god it feels bloody wonderful to be alive in the Spring with a good horse.