The stable were given this 6 year old gelding to train in January this year. Robin the Rich had previously been plugging away having not won a race since 2016. Mick and team freshened him up and took him to the picnics to try and get some confidence back into the gelding.

Young Dylan Dean got to know the horses riding work and Mick put him on. Bang and off he went to win. Another couple picnic wins soon followed and he then won a BM 58 at Kyneton in April with Jess Eaton on board in fairly dominant fashion.

4 wins in 4 months has reestablished his confidence that he can compete and the team continue to work with him to fully work out his triggers to top performance. Where to from here is unsure but we are confident that he will be seeing a few more wins in benchmark races moving forward.

This type of individual management for the horses is why the Sell team continue to punch well above their weight in training performance.