Unlikely to live up to the Nursery of Champions banner but a well deserved win for Paint this city at Bendigo. Bad gates and poor rides has seen this horse well overdue for a break through but under a belter of a Jamie Mott steer the maiden was broken. We have gone back to basics with our race preparation . Part of this reset is ensuring we walk the tracks before the races and this was a victory for the track walkers. Jamie was  also all over the potential bias . However It’s always tough to be the first to make the call to go wide to find what we felt was going to be better ground. As he circled the field and headed to the outside fence Rick Mac declared the genius of Mott and horse and jockey won a shade cosily.

He looks a horse that will pay his way over more ground and he just could take a deal of confidence from the win. Another stable yearling purchase he is owned by a loyal and enthusiastic group who more than most deserved the win. The team remains in flying form and the staff at home are just loving their racing. The sport should be about fun but it’s a lot more fun when the horses are winning. A boring repeated tag line to follow but the stable is buzzing and the future feels very bright again .