We have been informed this morning that our leased training facility has been sold and we are required to leave the premises as of 13/7/18. The property had been for sale for sometime and we did look at buying the property but there were remedial works required that did not make this an viable proposition for us.

We are currently exploring our options to stay in Kyneton and have some options already but obviously as this has just happened nothing is definite. What we can assure everyone is that your horse’s progress will not be hampered by this pending move and we will do whatever is necessary to keep the training of your horses to schedule.

We will know more in a couple of weeks and will keep everyone updated as we move forward. There are some exciting opportunities for us and we look forward to continuing the excellent run that the stable is having. We couldn’t do that without your support and we sincerely thank you for that continued support.

We look forward to showing everyone our bigger and better facilities in time and we are now hot to get things happening as soon as possible.