Dear Owner,

Firstly I would like to begin by thanking you all for your continued support. We have a wonderful group of owners and without you we wouldn’t be in a position to compete and strive for success.

Recently I have been reviewing our accounts and administration structures and we have decided to make a small change in the way we distribute our accounts.

Moving forward, all invoicing will be done by a racing services business called kniGGhts. kniGGhts have forged an excellent reputation over the years providing a great service to owners across Australia and I am excited to get them on board. I have done this primarily because I want to be able to spend more of my time focusing on your horses.

Some of the key benefits in moving over to kniGGhts are:

  • Increased payment options with a choice of Credit Card, BPay, Cheque and Secure Pay email payment for any owner who chooses to have their monthly account emailed to them.
  • Access to the kniGGhts Customer Care Account Management team who will answer all your billing enquiries.

Please be aware that the banking details have changed and will be listed at the bottom of your next statement. One of our payment options is Bpay which gives each owner their own unique reference. Bpay is effectively the same payment process as EFT through your internet banking. If you haven’t used it before just call kniGGhts on 1300 534 455 and they will talk you through it.

A less pleasant part of our review revealed that over the last two years a number of our suppliers have increased their costs. In addition the ATA has again increased wage rates as of July 1st as they did last year on July 1st. Unfortunately we are unable to continue to carry these increases. As of July 1st our daily training rate will increase to –

$72+ GST for horses in full training

$68+ GST for horses in pre-training or breaking in

The first invoice(s) you will receive from kniGGhts will be checked by me and will include any overdue balances that are owed. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure these invoices are correct, occasionally an error might occur so please don’t hesitate to contact kniGGhts on 1300 534 455 if you have any queries with your invoice.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and understanding during this transition phase. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to call me.

Yours faithfully,

Shane Stockdale

Shane Stockdale Racing