By all the usual metrics All About Alice should never have seen a racetrack. A tiny girl, she has a deformed hoof that has resulted in her developing such an awkward gait that we worry she’ll be declared lame every time she steps out of her stall. What she has got in spades is attitude and a fierce desire to compete, we only wonder what she could have achieved without her problems. She hates everyone and everything and this makes her difficult to train but also drives her toughness.

Alice got her best chance to break her maiden status at Tatura yesterday with ideal conditions for her. She took full advantage as well with Robbo punching her out to win in her normal tough fashion. Beset by challengers, she gave everything she had to go past the leader and win on the line. Robbo was perfect and showed once again that he gets the best out of our horses, he almost lifted Alice over the line. Rumour has it that Tatura will never be the same again with the sounds of a well known song involving the name “Alice” being sung with gusto.

Alice will probably never be a champion by any normal definition. She will however never leave anything on the track and that will make her a champion to us. Her owners are great people and we are over the moon to get this win for them. Their loyalty to Team Sell is really appreciated and we are rapt to pay them back with this win.

Hopefully Alice can continue to overcome her problems with her fierce desire to compete. She is just another example of how our individual attention to each and every horse we train gets the best out them.